Fall Owl Buddy

So on a search for some much needed fall decor, that i could whip up on my own and cost little to nothing. I found a little owl on Nanny Goat, And instantly it was love at first sight. I imagined her sitting on my bench on my front porch. So the creation began.

I followed her directions and I am tickled with the results.

First I found this ugly tea towel that i bought at a garage sale. Perfect!!!
I cut a square rounded the edges and gave her some ears. I also found some extra fabric that was orange polka dot and sewed it to the tea towel. I used some felt for the eyes. You may wonder why my eyes aren't symmetrical. I wanted my owl to be a little unique, and not perfect.

I sewed on some buttons that i had in my stash, for eyes.

Then found some ribbon that coordinated and pinned them on as her feet.

Then i sewed the right sides together leaving an opening at the bottom

and turned her inside out.

Added a little stuffing and wahla!! I love her. I love how she is a little quirky and my own.

Make one to add to your fall decor collection.


The Newswander Family said...

That is so cute! You are amazingly creative! I wish I was as much as you are!!!

Peggy said...

SO CUTE, Cass! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love him.

jessica said...

Way cute Cass! Love the new craft blog :)