Infant Flower Halloween Costume

Halloween is right around the corner and I wanted to do something fun and inexpensive for my newborn daughter. Her older brother is going to be a bee, so how cute would it be for her to be a flower? I thought is was a little silly to buy a costume, shes only a month old, cmon. I remembered that my son had this green jumpsuit in a box in the basement. She already had the brown crocheted beanie (which was a gift). I bought some green felt for leaves and a flower. Ta-da!

To top off the costume I am going to stick her in a pot (padded of course) Easy peasy...

What you will need:

green outfit (sweatsuit, dress, or shirt)
1/8 yard green felt- found at any fabric store. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby.
petal pattern (below)
Flower- I love the flowers at Hobby Lobby. That is where I bought this one. Never pay full price, wait till they are 50% off!
brown beanie or hat
alligator clip
hot glue
matching thread

The flower cost me $3 and the felt was .60 cents! If you have everything else already, thats a cheap costume! Have fun!

Click on the petal pattern and print. I downsized it to about 30% , so just play around with it until it is the size you like.

Using the petal pattern, cut out as many leaves as you like. I wanted 8 leaves, so I cut 16. I doubled them up. Then sew the leaves together. I used white thread to give the illusion of 'veins' in the leaves.

Sew the leaves onto the jacket. I overlapped my leaves for a layered look. You could also buy some bias tape or thick pretty ribbon and just make a separate 'collar' if you didn't want to sew right onto the clothing.

Hot glue some ribbon to the alligator clip. Then hot glue onto the flower.

Clip onto the brown beanie or hat.

...and just for fun I found some matching ribbon and attached them to the pants.

Happy Halloween!!


Erickson Familytales said...

Oh my heck you guys LOVE that you are doing this! I had no idea cass you little secret keeper you :) darling stuff I will be checking back regularly how fun!!

Cassidy said...

Oh my gosh this is so cute jess!! I love this. It turned out so dang cute,and so inexpensive. Love love this.

The Krebs said...

This is a really cute costume. I love the flower! I love your guys new blog. I am actually going to do the black picture frame thing in our bedroom. Thanks for the idea!