Sesame Street/Elmo Birthday Party

The Table- I purchased cheap plastic tablecloths from the dollar store. Two white and one red. I cut the red to fit down the center. Confetti stars down the middle with paper products also from the dollar store.

I placed a blower on each of the kids' plates.

Game- Pin the nose on Elmo. I just freehand made this from red and orange poster board. I painted the eyes and mouth on with acrylic paint.

The cupcakes- Elmo and Cookie Monster
For these I found inspiration from Karas Cupcakes and flickr.

For Cookie Monster I used a grass tip for the fur. White candy melts for the eyes and Chips Ahoy cookies for the mouth.

For Elmo- I also used the grass tip for the fur, white candy melts for the eyes, oreos for the mouth, and a orange gumball for his nose.

The buffet- all finger foods. If you would like the recipe for any of these, leave me a comment! This is what I served.

-Chicken salad sandwiches
-Corn, avocado, tomato, and bean salad (chunky dip) with tortilla chips
-vegetable platter with dip
-cookies (in a cookie jar)
-my MIL's reception drink which is just white grape juice and sprite. I added slices of lemon

And for the kiddos I had these sesame street juice boxes. I bought these from Sam's Club. $10 for a box of 40. They came in Elmo, Big Bird and Bert and Ernie.

For another games I had two bowls out. One with 'Dorothy' which were goldfish crackers.
The other was filled with pasta for 'Mr. Noodle'. Everyone had to guess the number in each.
I gave candy treats for prizes.

I also made these Elmo chocolate suckers for the kids to take home in their goodie bags. I bought the mold from Ebay for 3 bucks (they have multiple character for sale from Sesame Street). I used a pot, foam, and silver confetti and used this for the center of the kids table.


I & A said...

Hey Jess cute birthday party. Hey I didn't know you made your blog private. Will you please invite me. ahoggan_16@yahoo.com
Hope things are well

Trisha said...

No wonder it was a busy day!

mom of a super-hero said...

cute, cute!