Sprinkles' Strawberry Cupcakes

Made these last night... And they are absolutely divine! Here is the recipe. I enjoyed watching the video too, I learned some tips on cupcake making and frosting. How cute would these be for a little girls birthday party? This recipe you will be sure to stash in your cookbooks, trust me!

So I have to admit, I have been going through a little cupcake binge here at my house. Ok, ok, a BIG cupcake binge! I have been having a lot of fun trying out different frosting recipes with pastry bags, different tips, and some really fun colors! I always love learning new things...

I have some fun 'events' coming up and here is a little hint on my next fun cupcakes! I will be sure to post!


Cassidy said...

Somehow you need to get some stuff made that you could possible sell at the novemberfest. You are a perfectionist and make everything perfect... i think you would do well. Can't wait to try these.

Anonymous said...

Cass, I would LOVE to sell food items at Novemberfest. But you have to make everything in a certified kitchen and I would have to get my food handlers permit. I already looked into it one year. But they sure would be cute, wouldn't they!?

Did you ever eat all that stuff I sent home with you? Did you like?

Cassidy said...

Not yet but planning on it. Seriously i can't remember anything lately.
dang that would be so cute and yummy for the novemberfest.