My Anna Marie Horner Scarf

I discovered Anna Marie Horner's 'square dance' fabric not too long ago, and every time I go into my favorite fabric store, I stare at it. At $14 dollars a yard, I usually end up biting my lip and walking away. After seeing her website, and the scarf she made here, I realized that it wouldnt cost too much to make. And if you know me, you know I love scarves!

Isnt her fabric so pretty?! This fabric is light weight with an all over 'dobby' feel to it. It feels almost like silk!

I had it cut so that it was about 14" wide, which was one long strip of 4 blocks (make sense?). I believe the fabric is 56" long. I had her matching green/aqua stripe cut the same width.

I pinned the fabrics right side together. I then trimmed it up a bit.

For the thread I used a gray and for the bobbin I used bright green.

I used a 1/4" seam, I just made sure that my seam didnt cut off any of the floral blocks. When finished, turned right side out and iron. Then top stitch around scarf.

It turned out lovely! I am so excited about it. I think it could also use a dual purpose around here at my house...if you lay it flat you could use it for a runner. Just an idea...

This scarf cost me $10.56 and took about 45 minutes from start to finish. Perfect project for nap time!


Cassidy said...

honestly so cute. I love the grey and green. so cute jess

Grieco Family said...

Very cute! I love it!!

Trisha said...

You amaze me.