Baby Announcement

Do you ever get overwhelmed when you have to have announcments? On the internet there are millions to chose from and that makes hard to decide. So sometimes you just need to go with the idea in your head and more than not you will be surprised with what you end up with. I know i was. But that just made it more special.

These are the baby announcements for my little guy. I got me some great photography.

Cut out these rockets. Of your normal Bazzil Cardstock Paper.

I found these square chipboard pieces at the local Roberts,

covered them with paper and printed his stats.

The buttons were a little tricky. I couldn't find any that i loved, but i found some clear onefrom Stampin Up . I used the same trick that i used on the carseat canopy, and I am in love with how they came out.

For me handmaking these has made it more special. I can put one in his book and remember, that by some miracle i pulled this together and it turned out so cute.


JA said...

cute, cute, cute. but what else could we expect from miss cassidy? how's everything going? i hope you're doing good!

jessica said...

They're adorable Cass...loved getting mine in the mail the other day :)