Bunny Bean Bag

First i got some burlap and my popcorn bowl I put it face down and traced it.

Got some pink felt and drew me some bunny ears.

Placed them on the burlap where i wanted them

Then sewed them on using a zigzag stitch. Only on the top layer though.

Then using a double zigzag stitch i sewed around the circle leaving around a 1/4 of an inch the entire way around.

Leave an opening so you can fill the bag. Mine was about an inch wide but and inch and a half might have been easier.

Now time to fill. I used rice that i got at the dollar store. But you could use beans or anything you wanted.

Sew her up!!

I grabbed two black beads and sewed them on for eyes.

And a little pom pom for the nose. I can't wait to slip her into my boys easter basket. Even though i used burlap you could use anything you wanted really. White felt would be cute or a decorative fabric. Go crazy with her. You kids will love seeing this in their basket.

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The Krebs said...

Cass I think this is such a cute idea. Wish you lived closer so I could buy one from ya. Let me know if you come up for Easter.
P.S. I love that you guys have a blog!