Is there a perfect time?

I have been doing a lot of trade lately. Mostly with photographers (whom i adore, you know who you are), and a couple of friends. While i was researching for some material to make a custom order veil i ran across this blog.

Deb's Photo Blog

She wrote a lot of things that caught my eye. And the Pictures did to. What a story.
Which brings me to my topic.
Is there a Perfect Time in our day to day lives that everything works out to where you feel like you can get a Perfect Family Picture?

Realistically... Probly not.

But does it have to be a family picture?? So why don't we take the time and document these days that fly by so fast? Document the growth in our children? Even the silly things.

That is it.... My new goal. I am making the effort, getting my scrapbooking caught up, taking more pictures, making appointments to get pictures professionally done. Recording our life.

And guess what I know someone who can and will help!!! Her name is Jessica, my partner in crime on Paisley & Thyme, and she is has some amazing ideas and visions to help record those special moments you don't want to forget!!! Her style is unique and she is willing to listen and work with your wants. So come on back and check out Jessica Larsen Photography.


Anonymous said...

thanks cass.

Jess said...

I saw a really cute picture the other day that was of a baby sitting on a scale and the picture was taken from above her so you could see how much she weighs. It was cute and a good idea I think!

Peggy said...

That's a great post. I confess to putting off family pictures because I'd like to drop few pounds. Probably should stop doing that. I can't wait for Jessica to take ours this summer!