Frame Art

I was inspired by this idea from a cute cupcake cafe I visited down south. The minute I saw it I knew I wanted to do this for my little girls room. Visit your local DI or thrift shop and buy some frames. Different shapes and sizes. I then purchased some black semi-gloss spray paint and painted them all black.

The beauty about this project is you can make it as big as you like (with more frames) and you can paint them any color you want! Another idea, print out a vinyl initial and place it in the middle frame. (its on my to-do list!) This project cost me under $10 and It will add a big punch to whatever room you put it in!


Marisa said...

I love the new blog! And I love to see what you've been up to. Lovely!

Cassidy said...

love this. so easy but adds so much!!

Becca @ Blue Cricket Design said...

so fun ! I love a collection displayed together!