A tip for picky eaters.

My nineteen month old son has hit the dreaded stage of the "picky eater". Won't eat on schedule, textures are a huge dilemma and heaven forbid any vegetable or fruits???? So i was told this amazing tip. (kudos to my neighbor Crystal)
After talking to her pediatrician about her son's pickiness, her doc recommended that he get on pediasure to make up for the vitamins and essentials that he was missing out on. Well people have you looked at the price for that stuff. Good heavenly day!! So she decided to give him the same thing her older daughter takes on those "running a little late this morning"

Carnation Instant Breakfast.

She mentioned this to me and gave me a couple of packets to try. And seriously people he is full and happy and walla breakfast is taken care of.

I give him half a packet with milk in a sippy cup each morning. The sugar amount is a concern where pediasure is calculated for toddlers and infants so you know the sugar amount is good. But it only has 20 grams a packet and if you give half then he is only getting 10 grams each morning. You get more grams in syrup that you put on your Eggo's!

The best part????? At Costco they have a box for $8.99. There is 30 in a box and where you are only using half a day that makes 60 meals. They will last you two months making it $4.50 a month for a healthy breakfast that you know will benefit you picky bugger!!! Win Win! yea

If you try this tip let me know what you think!


The Krebs said...

Hey that is a good idea. I never thought of that and the funny thing is I have this every morning! Tayson is suppose to be drinking pediasure but your right it's way to much $$$. Tayson is still eating baby food for cryin out loud! I will have to try this. Thanks for the tip Cass.

Anonymous said...

This has been a trick that I have been doing for sometime. It is perfect! I give him a sippy of this in place of snacks.

Marisa said...

When my daughter was 2 and underweight, the doctor had me give her Carnation for breakfast along with her regular breakfast and it totally worked. She slowly gained weight and has never been underweight again!

jessica said...

I've made these for Ashton and me forever and now make them for Gunnar too. I actually throw it in the blender with frozen strawberries, a banana and milk and call it a "chocolate shake". Then they're getting a couple servings of fruit with it as well and they LOVE it!