Throw away or ???

A long time ago I found some really cute material that I really loved. Made some really cute pillows and layered them around my house. Well today as I was "tiddying up" after my kids I looked at them and thought man they just look messy, and not to mention the kids think they are toys just lying next to the armoire. But what could I do with them? Throw them away?

So i looked in my craft closet to see if there was anything that could help these pillow of mine.
I saw my raffia. hmmm i thought. Raffia is cute.

And this is what i came up with. A new decoration that cost me nothing. Perfect!!


Peggy said...

I love that basket. Where'd you get it?

Cassidy said...

I got that basket from a really cute store in logan. BUT they closed down... boo.