Neighbor gift idea.

This cute idea came from my mother in law who recieved this as a gift. So simple and so cheap. First buy a glass candle stick holder. Dollar Tree has them and only a dollar people.
Then buy a decorative plate. This one is from Pier One, but you can always find them at TJ Maxx or Ross. Use Bead and Glass Epoxy, that can be bought from any craft store. Or i am sure you can buy it from Home Depot or Lowes.

Glue together and let sit overnight.

Pile high with homemade goodies, cookies, popcorn, fudge, dipped pretzels, ect.
And deliver. I think this is so cute and super easy.
This one only cost $6.00. Any neighbor would love to recieve this.
Merry Christmas!!!


Nalamienea said...

I LOVE this idea! So cool and so so easy! :D

Anonymous said...

Perfect gift idea! I love it. Or you could customize pieces for parties!

ps. your desserts look de-lish!

Erickson Familytales said...

So cute this is what I did for my neighbors too, great minds think alike :) I love it! And my mom used those same plates from pier one! Good taste :)

Becca @ Blue Cricket Design said...

That plate is beautiful! i love it!