Rossette Rings.

OK so i found this really neat idea Here, Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous, thought of this great idea to teach some girls in her church the skill of sewing a button. Then they made a ring out of it!!! So cute. So the wheels in my head started a churning and i thought how cute would a Rosette Ring be?? I would totally wear it.

There are many ways to make a rosette. You just have to find one that you like. Here is a tutorial of one type... But there are thousands.

Here she is. I love her. I think she is so cute and adds just a little of punch to an outfit.

What do you think? I think i will make a red, brown, white, and black one. Just so i can coordinate with some more outfits. :)


Anonymous said...

ooooooo. Pretty please, I want one!

Folkman Family of Five said...

Love those!