Little Loafers

I am in love....

With these!!!! My amazingly talented cousin makes these adorable things.
Go check out her blog. A Bit of String

These are the ones that I got for my little Riley.
Can't wait to get some pictures with these on his little tootsies.
I also think it will be really neat to save them and pass them down when my kids have there own kids. They are just so cute. You are amazing Peggy.


Peggy said...

Thanks for your kind words, Cass! (be sure to check your mailbox tomorrow...)

Hess Family said...

Wow!! Those are so adorable! I love them too!! Your little guy is so cute! I have not been able to get on your blog lately so I am a little late but Congrats! I am very jealous that you are moving back to good ol' Cache Valley. Maybe I will be able to find my way back there someday as well!

Cassidy said...

dang cami, you aren't the only one who has told me that. i wonder what is going on. Yeah and we will only be moving there if we sell our home... and that isn't looking very bright right now.
peggy... oh thank you i am so excited!!