Easter Wreath

My front porch needed some easter decor horribly. SO after seeing this on The Crafty Sisters I knew i had to make one!! Here is how i made mine
First find you a wreath. Look at this beaut i found at the DI for $2.00. SWEET.

Then i went to the Dollarstore and bought eggs and spanish moss. ($2.00)

Came home and broke the eggs in half.

Sprayed them with White Flat Rustoleum spray paint. I figured using Flat spray paint would work as well as a primer, besides that is all i had. And it did really well.Let dry. Then on to the wreath. Wow is Spanish Moss a mess!!! I used hot glue... again all i had, but i was thinking that the spray adhesive used for quilting would be fabulous. Mental note to self. I caked mine on. I wanted a nest like feeling.I did another coat on the eggs with this. Then i got two bowls and put a tiny amount of water in them. Squirted a dob of paint in both. And then went to town flicking the brush to make spots of paint on the eggs. Really the fun part.Then once they were dry glued them to the wreath.

Added the Burlap bow and look how cute it is!! I put her up on my ladder on my porch. I am so in love. How easy was that and ooooh so cheap. $4.00. Make one they are fun!!

Waiting to welcome the easter bunny.

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Anonymous said...

That turned out really cute! Is that the black ladder you made too?

Cassidy said...

yes mam! that may be a post later! lol

Lindee said...

you're so creative. very cute.