Picture Writing

OK i bought these pictures for my dad for his birthday!! It spells out thier last name. Got it framed and wahla birthday present. I thought this would be such a special gift because each of the letters photographed are from the Salt Lake Temple!! Cool huh.

Then my mind took off, what if this what if that. and I came up with the thought of.... What if i went to an old tractor yard, or a car dump, and took picture of letters that spelled out my boys names and got them printed and put them up in their room??? How adorable would that be? Maybe that will be a later post :)

I wanted to experiment to see how hard it really is to come up with picures that could spell out my name. Just using stuff around the house. and this is what i came up with!! Not bad huh!

When the snow melts I am off to a junk yard.


handbags*n*pigtails said...

I have always loved these since I saw one a few years ago. Im really bad at thinking up sources for my letters though:)

jessica said...

so cute! I have totally been wanting to do this also for my boys rooms!